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A creative additional proposal not contained in the city's presentation plus one that was in the presentation would take care of the city's budget shortfall.





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Tax Increment Recapture Option

For a month and a half participants in the Millbrae Tomorrow coalition of concerned citizens have asked to city to give serious consideration of the Tax Increment Recapture Option (see the February 5th press release below for a description of the plan).  On March 19, 2004 the city released an opinion issued by a Sacramento attorney that it hired for the purpose of reviewing the TIR option.  In that opinion the attorney stated that she thought the TIR option would be illegal because it would allocate Redevelopment Agency (RDA) revenue for non-RDA purposes.

The originator of the TIR option immediately issued a press release which rebuts that contention saying, "The proper nexus can be made between the benefit to the RDA for the services provided to satisfy the requirements of the law. Given that the TIR Option would fund less than a quarter of the public safety budget, the City and RDA could justify funding police and fire calls to the RDA area from these funds.” To read her complete March 19th Press Release, click here.

Here is an earlier press release that described the TIR option:


February 5, 2004

For immediate distribution

Contact person: Darren CdeBaca:

The City of Millbrae has invited citizens to a series of town hall type meetings the City is dubbing “ Millbrae Now!”. The next meeting is tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Taylor School in Millbrae.

At the meetings the City has proposed a series of revenue raising strategies which involve both raising property taxes and selling off parcels from Millbrae’s Spur open space which is a linear park running through Millbrae from the north end at the County Regional Park in San Bruno to Millbrae Avenue. The open space parcels would be re-zoned for residential development and the General Plan would be amended to allow development on the linear park lands. The City also suggested cost-cutting which would involve closing a fire station and laying off two police officers.

In response several concerned citizens of Millbrae have formed “Millbrae Tomorrow” in an attempt to find solutions that preserve Millbrae’s open space for Millbrae’s future and which will help Millbrae to meet its needs for funding essential services during this economic downturn.

Darren CdeBaca, spokesman for Millbrae Tomorrow, will be speaking at the forum this evening about a proposal to reallocate property tax revenues generated in the commercial district to the City’s General Fund instead of the Redevelopment Agency in the coming years until the economy improves. “We are looking for a win-win solution for our City which allows us to meet our immediate obligations to provide public safety services, and which can be accomplished by the start of the new budget year, 2004-2005,” said Mr. CdeBaca, “ and which preserves our open space for future generations. We are looking out for Millbrae’s tomorrow, not just for Millbrae’s ‘now’.”

The participants in Millbrae Tomorrow have stated that they want to support a solution which does not put public safety at risk, does not raise taxes, does not require the sale of open space, and which can be accomplished quickly to meet the City’s urgent need without requiring the expenditure of scarce tax dollars to implement. They believe the property tax shift from the Redevelopment Agency to the General Fund will accomplish these goals.

The Millbrae Tomorrow coalition believes that an estimated $1.7 million can be deposited into the General Fund to pay for public safety services, and that the new revenue, which is anticipated to come into the city in 2005, could be the basis for issuing revenue anticipation notes to “bridge” the interim deficit. The city’s water and sewer fund which has an excess balance of $3 million could buy the revenue anticipation notes as an investment, so that Millbrae would be paying interest to itself for this bridge loan.

To view the slide from the February 5th presentation of Darren CdeBaca, click here.


Fire Assessment District

Participants in the Millbrae Tomorrow were polled recently, and they agreed that a Fire Assessment District option should also be pursued at the same time that other solutions are being considered.