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The maps linked below show the locations recommended by city staff during the February 3rd City Council meeting. You can print them out and go visit the sites in person.  We hope to add more photos soon, but in the meantime, at least we give you the information to go out and see these locations for yourself.

We encourage you to make your own decision about whether each location should be developed or not, then give the City Council the feedback that they seek.

Click one of these links to jump to a location on this page:

Lower Minorca
Camino Alto
End of Larkspur

Lower Minorca

Here are a couple of photos of the Spur Property off Lower Minorca as it appears now. First looking southeast from Taylor Blvd.:

Looking SE from Taylor Blvd.

Below is the view from Lower Minorca looking north:

Looking North from Lower Minorca

Map of Lower Minorca parcels (and Camino Alto post 1/31)

Here is a photo of the Lower Minorca site with four parcels superimposed on it:

Lower Minorca with parcel outlines

Instead of a little solitude, a morning jogger could probably almost hear the occupants pouring their orange juice!

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Camino Alto

Here is how the Camino Alto site looks now:

Map of Camino Alto parcels, pre 1/31 (Hand written borders and notes on this map were on the map when received from the city, not added later by our participants.)

Map of Camino Alto parcels, post 1/31 (and Lower Minorca)

The city issued two versions of the proposed parcels for Camino Alto. The first was issued before January 31st to adjacent property owners.  The second was obtained from city hall after January 31st. Note how the first one shows the parcels essentially wiping out all of the road leading from Taylor Blvd. to Highlands School and most of the west parking lot of Taylor School. 

One of our industrious concerned citizen participants made measurements on the site from the maps that were issued, then imposed lines electronically to show the outlines of the proposed parcels.  The following images show outlines based on the map issued before January 31st .

Pre January 31st proposed boundaries
(Click image to see larger display.)

Pre January 31st proposed boundaries
(Click image to see larger display.)

These images show outlines based on the map issued after January 31st. Notice that the road leading to Highlands School would still be eliminated.

Post January 31st proposed boundaries
(Click image to see larger display.)

By eliminating the road to Highlands School either proposal would have a devastating impact on rush hour traffic in that area.  The image below shows how congested the traffic already is when parents are picking up and dropping off students:

Taylor Blvd. traffic at peak times

Before the city delayed a decision on the Spur Properties (for how long?) at the February 10th Council Meeting, we were about to ask them which of the above parcel proposals they really had in mind.

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End of Larkspur

Map of Larkspur parcels

parcels at end of Larkspur

These proposed parcels shown above are located between the Green Hills Country Club (left) and the end of Larkspur (right).  The Spur Property (top to bottom) would be choked off except for a 15 foot corrider along the Green Hills side. This would effectively prevent any meaningful recreational development a Spur Trail through this segment of the Spur Property.

Below is the view looking east from the end of Larkspur:

view from end of Larkspur

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Map of Sequoia parcels

Many of us who had looked at the map of these parcels adjacent to the Spur Trail and Mills High baseball field had the impression that they would just take a moderate slice out of the edge of this general purpose recreational area. When we saw the boundaries plotted out on these photos by one of our industrious participants, we were startled to see the that all of the recreational and open space value of this immediate area would be lost.

In this first photo, notice that this is not just a little slice along the edge (black line marks the approximate boundaries):

Development boundaries -- Sequoia parcels

In the next photo notice that these parcels are clearly adjacent to the Spur Trail, and would force the current jogging/cross country practice path down the steep bank to just outside the outfield fence. The area just outside that fence is swampy during much of the rainy season:

development would re-route jogging trail

Also, an exercise station would be eliminated:

excercise station on proposed parcel

This is one of the few general purpose recreational areas left in these neighborhoods -- an area where neighborhood children can throw a Frisbee or people of any age can simply enjoy the walk or jog through open space.  Most recreational fields are now specialized for particular sports such as baseball, football, soccer, etc.

a general purpose recreational area

Note below that this area has significant aesthetic value for open space as well as recreational value:

open space and recreational value

open space value of Sequoia site

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Map of Lomita parcels

looking north across Lomita

Parcels were proposed at both the north (top) and south (bottom) of Lomita. Again any meaningful recreational development of this segment of the Spur Property would be choked off.

Below is a view looking east along Lomita. Proposed development would take place on both sides of the street:

looking east along Lomita

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Richmond / Tioga

Map of Richmond at Tioga parcels

Photos not yet available. Check back later.