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Latest News

  • April 27, 2004 -- The City Council will voted two approve two important agenda items relating to the sale of Millbrae's park and open space land. See the Calendar Page for details.
  • April 19, 2004 -- Two Millbrae Planning Commissioners reversed the position they voiced at the previous meeting against development of the 890 Sequoia Avenue park land, causing a resolution to pass stating that the selling of the parcel at 890 Sequoia is consistent with the Millbrae General Plan.  Many Millbrae residents spoke out against this pointing out many ways in which this idea is contrary to both the letter and spirit of the General Plan.
  • April 13, 2004 -- City Staff recommended that Option 2 of the MillbraeNow report list several ways of raising money/reducing costs, including the selling of the park land at 890 Sequoia Avenue and several parcels located in the Spur property, currently Millbrae's main open space area. 

    Not included in the recommendation were any alternative revenue raising measures. These were all rejected by city staff as being unworkable for one reason or another.
  • March 23, 2004 - The Council authorized a Fire Suppression Assessment District measure which would provide $1.125 million to help the city meet it's shortfall in the coming fiscal year.  The cost for an average home owner would be about $12/month or $144 per year. The overwhelming consensus among Millbrae Tomorrow participants has been that this is a measure that they support, so they are glad to see that this measure was authorized to be placed before property owners.

    The city also surprised MT participants and the originator of the TIR proposal (who was not able to attend this meeting) by inviting an attorney from the McDonough Holland & Allen law firm in Sacramento to present a highly negative case against the adoption of the TIR.  A Millbrae Tomorrow speaker asked that the Council withhold judgement on the TIR proposal until the originator of the proposal has an opportunity to learn about, and respond to, the new arguments which were presented in this surprise appearance.
  • March 19, 2004 - City Releases an advance copy of the updated MillbraeNow! report.  The 80 page report recommends that City Council authorize a Fire Suppression Assessment District to be sent to property owners. It then makes two alternative recommendations: Option 1 if the Fire Suppression District measure is approved by property owners, and Option 2 if it is not approved.

    Under Option 1 sale of the Sequoia property would be recommended if an emergency occurs in the next two years. Under Option 2 the Sequioia property would definitely be sold, and so would "one or two low impact open space parcels".  City staff would prioritize parcels of city land based on their impact on the surrounding neighborhood.  This means that sales of park and open space land are still very much on the table, although they are now presented as happening only on a contingent basis. 

    The advance copy also dismisses the Tax Increment Recapture option as being illegal, citing an opinion by a Sacramento attorney hired by city staff.
  • March 19, 2004 -- City releases opinion of Sacramento attorney hired by the city stating that the Tax Increment Recapture option is illegal. The attorney who originated the TIR option immediately issues a press release rebutting the argument of the Sacramento attorney.  For details on this see the Solutions page.
  • March 1, 2004 - Surveyors placed stakes on the Sequoia property.  City staff is not wasting any time pursuing the preparation for sale of these two parcels for sale.  However the Council made it clear when they authorized these preparations that they were not yet authorizing the actual sale of these properties.  There is still time to speak out on this.
  • February 25, 2004 - PRESS RELEASE - On Tuesday night the Millbrae City Council unanimously authorized city staff to begin surveying of the parcel located at 890 Sequoia Avenue and perform other tasks necessary to prepare the property for sale.  The Council made clear that this was not a decision to actually sell the property.  During citizen input before the vote, 13 citizens spoke against preparing the land for sale; one spoke in favor. more . . .
  • February 19, 2004 - S.F. Chronicle reports that the State of California's budget analyst Elizabeth Hill recommends taking money from specific local districts, such as redevelopment districts, to help make up the state's deficit. She is quoted as saying that "this will will allow local governments to maintain flexibility to pay for police and fire." (See this in the article, third paragraph from the bottom.)

    The important points for Millbrae: 1) it's no longer speculation, the State is now talking about taking money from redevelopment districts; 2) many believe it would be best to move now to implement the TIR option to redirect future revenues from the Redevelopment Fund to the General Fund to support Millbrae's fire, police, and other essential city services; 3) it would be embarrassing, to say the least, if no action were taken by the city to prevent this, then State swooped in to take those RDA funds and revenue streams.

  • February 13, 2004 - PRESS RELEASE - Millbrae Tomorrow participants were encouraged by a series of decisions made by the city at the February 10th Council Meeting. First the city staff eliminated all of the Spur parcels from the list of parcels recommended for preliminary work to prepare them for sale (surveys, etc.). This left only the parcels on Sequoia Avenue adjacent to the Spur to be considered for the pre-sale surveys and other work. But the council deferred a decision on even that remaining Sequoia location until a later Council Meeting. more . . .

  • February 10, 2004 - City Council meeting - At this meeting city staff recommended the Spur property be dropped from the list of parcels recommended for survey work and other work to prepare them for sale.  The only parcel location that remained on the list was the Sequoia property. The City Council decided to postpone voting on even preparing the Sequoia property for sale until a later session.  Clearly these are moves in the right direction, but it leaves open many questions. See the February 13th press release above.

  • February 6, 2004 - Maps of the locations of the parcels at Lomita and Richmond at Tioga have been added to the Parcel Locations page.

  • February 6, 2004 - Information about the Tax Increment Recapture option will be added to this site soon. Most who have learned about this option believe that it offers so many positive solutions to Millbrae's looming cash flow crisis with so few downside problems that it should be considered the top alternative.

    More research needs to be done on the option to see if it can be implemented, but if it turns out that it can be done, it may be possible to implement it very quickly and with very little expense.

    Many ask: why pursue other more expensive measures that have varying degrees of risk associated with them before thoroughly exploring this promising option?